Waiting Families

Dexter & Maria

We're from Massachusetts, We're open to visits!

Hi there! We are ever so thankful for you taking the opportunity to learn about us. We are very much looking forward to the incredible gift of adoption enabling us to fill our hearts, arms and home with a little one of any gender, race or ethnicity. We would absolutely be thrilled to hear from you. We are open to letters, photos and possible visits.

Joe & Colleen

We're from Massachusetts, We're open to visits!

We are from Massachusetts and excited to adopt our second child! We have been married for eight years and have a 2-year-old son, Padraig. Our home is filled with love, support, and God. We are excited to build a friendship with you and are open to phone calls, texts, and emails.

Scott & Linda

We're from Massachusetts, We're open to visits!

We are first-time hopeful adoptive parents and so excited to welcome your child into our hearts and lives! Our most enjoyable activities involve the outdoors and include hiking, camping, sailing, and gardening. We look forward to raising your child in a supportive environment of faith and love. We are open to visits!

Joey & Emilie

We're from Massachusetts, We're open to visits!

Thank you for taking the time to look at our profile. We promise to provide your child with a loving, faith-filled home with a supportive and encouraging family. We're looking forward to helping your child learn and explore the world and discover what God is calling them to be. We would love to get to know you and fulfill the hopes and dreams you have for your child. We are open to visits!

Matthew & Morgan

We're from Florida, We're open to visits!

Hello from Florida! We are Matt and Morgan and we are excited to become first-time parents through adoption! Morgan was adopted at birth and always knew she wanted adoption to part of her own family. We are ready to have an open adoption and are thrilled to be parents. We are excited to share our family traditions, favorite activities, and share our love with a child of any race or gender.

Dave & Cristy

We're from New Jersey, We're open to visits!

We are a fun, active couple from New Jersey excited to get to know you and welcome your child into our family! We are thrilled to become first-time parents and look forward to sharing our love of music, sports, traveling, and culture. Our promise is to keep you connected to us through letters, calls, and visits if you would like.

Leye & Toye

We're from Texas, We're open to visits!

Hello from Texas! We're a family of three excited to share our diverse culture and experiences with your child. Our home is characterized by faith, music, love, and family. We look forward to completing our family through adoption. We are open to sharing pictures, letters, and visits with you.

Michael & Tori

We're from Florida, We're open to visits!

Greetings from sunny Florida! We love to fish, kayak, hike, and play sports like volleyball, soccer, and disc golf. We also love to explore all of the local restaurants, art, and cultural events while keeping God at the center of our lives. Adoption has always been a part of our plan and, after some medical issues, we knew it was God's plan for us! We are thrilled to grow our family and are open to visits!

Jason & Nicole

We're from Colorado, We're open to visits!

Adoption is already a part of our story, as Jason was adopted. We’d love an open adoption, and will raise your child to know how special you are to us. We’re excited to grow our family this way!